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Liam Bonney

About Me

My name is Liam Bonney and I am the founder of Northern Beaches Football Coaching. I founded Northern Beaches Football Coaching because I wanted to increase the popularity of football on the Northern Beaches. I believe that there is a lack in quality affordable coaching for kids wanting to become better footballers. I want to positively influence young people to make better and smarter choices not just in football but also in life. I have created this to be as open as possible with my members because I believe that for you to trust me in coaching your player you need to first get to know me.

I am currently 23 years old and have over 18 years footballing experience. I have played ever since I was 4 years old and apart from a  year break from U7 – U8s I have played every year since. I now want to take the knowledge that I have learned and continue to learn and pass that on to as many people as possible.

As a person I would describe myself as highly motivated, physically active with a good sense of humour. I like to have a laugh as well as make others laugh. having said this when it is time to work i also like to be focused, organsied and efficeient.

As a player I was a late developer. I never really got into football until the age of 12. Before that I played 2 seasons of U6’s skipped 7’s and 8’s, then returned 3 games late for U9’s. Among football I have also done swimming, gymnastics, archery, Brazilian Ju Jitsu, Kung Fu, sailing, cricket, tennis and surfing. After age 13 I was down to Football 3 or 4 nights a week in the winter and either cricket/tennis and Futsal in the summer. Then at 16 I gave away tennis/cricket and became solely focused on football.

I started this business in the hope that players develop a passion for the game earlier than I did. I sometimes wonder how much better or further I would have gone if instead of playing 8 or so other sports I just focused on football. Except for swimming and gymnastics, I believe they are both vitally important.

Also at the age of 16 I was awarded junior player of the year at my community club after performing well in the U16 1s. Later that year i was also scouted and invited to trial for a scholarship program in the United States. I was selected for the scholarship but turned it down due to a difference in educational priorities. I didn’t see myself being able to make it professionally and wanted a good education.

Since then I have continued to ply at the highest level possible for my club in the local Premier league as well as playing State League Futsal.

As a coach i first started when i was 15 years old. I was an assistant to an U8 and U9 team over two years where my passion for coaching grew. However because of HSC and then working ful time after school I was unable to continue coaching.

Relevant to football, I have completed the following qualifications

  • Grassroots Coaching Certificate
  • Junior Coaching License
  • Working With Children’s Check
  • Provide First Aid certificate (formally Senior First Aid)
  • Skill Training Certificate
  • Game Training Certificate
  • I am currently undertaking the Youth C License

That is my journey through football, outside of Football I completed my High School Certificate at St Luke’s Grammar School with an average mark of 80 for my 6 subjects and an ATAR of 78.65. At St Luke’s I also achieved the silver Duke of Edenborough award. After finishing school, I have since completed

  • Statement of attainment in property
  • Cert IV in Property Services (Operations)
  • Diploma in Property Services (Agency Management)

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