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How do I develop players


Firstly, what does football have to be? FUN!!! there is no point hammering players with non-enjoyable drills that suck the life out of football. Football is not meant to be a chore and that is the last thing that I want to make it. The goal is to make football so enjoyable that players want to train everyday. Training everyday does not necesarrily mean physical trianing it could also mean watching a game, or even playing a video game such as FIFA or PES. Now that might sound strange but for some kids this strengthens the passion they have for the game as they then develop idols to follow.

I break footbal devleopment down into three areas. Technical development, that is the development of skills that players use in game. Game development, that is an understanding of how to actually play they game such as finding space what to do do in certain areas of the field. Physical developement, that is how players grow and what physical attributes they may have.

To start of with player development has to be done on a case by cse basis. A player or teams development can be affected by What stage of their physical and mental devleopment they are at, what level or levels there are within the team and lastly what level the team are playing at.

Second of all I do not blieve on specifically working on the physical development of players. Football requires coordination in order to be succesfull and working on a players technical ability also works on a player physically. Furthermore you never 100% know when or how a player will develop so trying to work on something so unpredictable is an inefficient use of time in my opinion. The only situation that I would specifically work on a player physically is if they were fully devloped and a physical deficiency was the reason they were not experiencing success.

Thirdly I believe that there is balance to achieve between teaching technical development and game development. Technical developemnt involves 4 core skills as set out by the FFA. These core skills are.

  • First Touch, ball contorl
  • Running with the ball/Attacking 1v1
  • Striking the ball
  • Defending 1v1

Personally, I believe that you can honestly win a football game with 3 elements. First touch, striking the ball and movement off the ball. 2 of that are in the core skills above whilst the 3rd is to do with game development. But I also receognise that a large part of enjoyment and entertainment comes from players using tricks and skills in order to beat their oppponents in 1v1 situations. So, generally speaking I try to acheive a balance between all 4 technical skills as a start to develop a strong technical base. After which I would look at trying to specialize the players technical ability to whatever the positoin they wanted to play.

At the same time also devloping a players understanding of how to actually play football. It is a very complicated game, it may look simple but trust me its not. That is why it is crucial to teach players what to do in certian situations. The most succesful players are those who stay focused even when they are off the ball and can recognise opportunites or threats few steps a head. So, situational awareness, game awareness, how to lose a defender, how to recognise and move into space are all aspects of the game that I teach.

Thanks for reading 🙂

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