My Philosophy

How do I develop players

What are NBFC’s priorities?

Firstly, what does football have to be? FUN!!! there is no point hammering players with non-enjoyable drills that suck the life out of football. Football is not meant to be a chore and that is the last thing that we at NBFC want to make it. So, although our sessions are technique based they are also meant to be fun and engaging.

NBFC places a huge emphasis on the technical development of players over their physical development. Football is a game where technical prowess will always trump physical power.

NBFC believes in a holistic approach to coahcing. This means that NBFC staff try and include as many game realistic elements to an excersie as possible. An example of this is a player recieving the ball facing goal with a defender applying pressure from the front. The player has to take a first touch, run with the ball, 1 v 1 the defender and then strike the ball in the net. So in this example the player would practise the whole excerise, but NBFC coaches would first focus on their first touch, then running with the ball, then 1 v 1 then Striking the ball (shooting). This is just one exampleof the thousands of scenarios that can occur in a football match and many of them do not include all 4 core skills.

Ultimately it is 100% up to the player what they would like to work on. GeneraIly speaking NBFC focuses on developing a player through a clear progressive program. This starts with an initial assessment to see where an individual is at in their development. From there NBFC generally develops a player through the following progression.

With the ball

First, NBFC develops and works on their first touch (ball control), it’s the first thing anyone does when they get the ball and is therefore the most important element in becoming a better player.

Second, NBFC splits the time 50/50 between running with the ball (dribbling) and Striking the ball (short passing, long passing, shooting and crossing). After a player has taken a first touch they are likely to perform one of the above actions. Again it makes sense to then develop these two skills next.

After those two core skills NBFC moves on to developing a player’s ability in a 1 V 1 situation. First from an attacking point of view. In a 1 v 1 situation you need to be able to run with the ball and have a good first touch. That is why NBFC develops this skill after the two above.

Without the ball

This transitions nicely into the next stage, that is defending. The most enjoyable part of football for most kids is when they have the ball. That is why NBFC generally leaves defending out until we cover a players ability with the ball. Defending itself has elements within in just as attacking does. Hence NBFC have a similar approach in how we coach it.

First NBFC teaches proper tackling technique and in truth we would probably teach this in one of the first sessions anyway. This is because tackling is one of the situations where players can get hurt if they go in the wrong way. Specifically NBFC would teach standing tackling technique and then a sliding tackling technique.

Slide tackles occur less often but are in most case more dangerous than standing tackles. In fact they are not only dangerous for the player getting tackled, they can also be dangerous for players commiting them as well.

After this NBFC teaches marking and postional play. The world’s best defenders and defensive midefielders rarely make tackles because they either shut down the option, or they intercept the ball uncontested by reading the game.

The specifics 

Lastly, we work on the specifics and the low percentage moments in a game. Such as heading and set pieces. NBFC places a lower prority on these as they do not occur very often in a match.

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