Miscellaneous Policies


I believe that there is a key difference bewteen players having fun playing football and players having fun mucking around at football. I want players to like football and enjoy it but at the same time I need them to be focused and to listen. I am not a fan of making players do laps, push ups sit ups or planks. This adds a negative perception to exercise. Exercise should never be a punishment, we dont want kids thinking that exercise is only something you do when you are punished. You want them to enjoy it. Hence using it as a punishment is not something that I do.

If a player is mucking around and trying to ruin a session I simply sit them out in an area where there is nothing to play with. Eventually once they have calmed down and stopped misbehaving they are let back into the session. If they dont… they stay sitting out.

Another way that I discipline players is to also restrict there game time. Thats afterall what all players want to do more than anything. Play the game. Although generally speaking we do not take match days there is an understanding when we are hired that players will get game time based on the following three things

  • Attendence at training
  • Attitude towards personal development (listening to coaches intstructions)
  • Attitude towards team development (Not distracting others, not bullying others, not trying to tear down the session)


NBFC has a very strict no bullying policy. There are no exceptions, if someone is caught bullying, they will be immediately pulled aside and told the difference between joking around with someone and when it goes that one step.

NBFC wants to create a fun and happy environment for everyone. Part of that maybe telling jokes and having a laugh when players try things and they don’t work out as planned. However, there are boundaries to this. One of the hardest things for kids to understand is that those boundaries are dynamic in nature and they are forever changing. For example, you wouldn’t talk to your parents how you would talk to your friends. That’s the most basic example but the hardest one for kids to understand is you wouldn’t talk with a stranger of the same age as you, as you would to your best friend.

As the motto says, Fun, Friends and Football. The main idea behind NBFC is to improve someone’s ability to play football. A large portion of playing football is being able to communicate with your teammates both on and off the field. NBFC therefore places a large amount of effort on positively enforcing proper communication both between each other and authority figures (Teachers, Coaches, Parents etc.). More importantly there is an emphasis on how to accept someone new into a group. For example, a new kid joining one of the programs can be a very daunting task. NBFC therefore strives to make it the easiest transition possible from a “complete stranger” to “friend of everyone in the group”.

Weather, Sick, Away, injured or any other reason you cannot attend? 

I often get plenty of questions about what happens when a session is called off due to inclement weather or someone cannot attend due to illness or injury.

Unfortunately the bills don’t stop when it rains, is to hot or someone cannot attend. You will still be charged for that session even if it does not go ahead.

This also ensures that players will turn up, I want as many kids to turn up to training as possible otherwise they won’t improve and realistically that is one of the outcomes that you are paying for.


Exactly the same as people who cannot attend. If you wish to cancel your weekly session NBFC requires 24 hours notice minimum.

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