Miscellaneous Policies


NBFC has a very strict no bullying policy. There are no exceptions, if someone is caught bullying, they will be immediately pulled aside and told the difference between joking around with someone and when it goes that one step.

NBFC wants to create a fun and happy environment for everyone. Part of that maybe telling jokes and having a laugh when players try things and they don’t work out as planned. However, there are boundaries to this. One of the hardest things for kids to understand is that those boundaries are dynamic in nature and they are forever changing. For example, you wouldn’t talk to your parents how you would talk to your friends. That’s the most basic example but the hardest one for kids to understand is you wouldn’t talk with a stranger of the same age as you, as you would to your best friend.

As the motto says, Fun, Friends and Football. The main idea behind NBFC is to improve someone’s ability to play football. A large portion of playing football is being able to communicate with your teammates both on and off the field. NBFC therefore places a large amount of effort on positively enforcing proper communication both between each other and authority figures (Teachers, Coaches, Parents etc.). More importantly there is an emphasis on how to accept someone new into a group. For example, a new kid joining one of the programs can be a very daunting task. NBFC therefore strives to make it the easiest transition possible from a “complete stranger” to “friend of everyone in the group”.


For at least the next two years NBFC will have to use council fields in order to run its sessions. These fields are all-natural grass fields and as a result are subject to being called out by the council. The council has three ground classifications open, open for light activities and closed, NBFC can only operate when grounds are “Open”. Most of the time it is not an issue but NBFC does not have a wet weather alternative as of yet.

There are also regulations regarding what temperature kids are allowed to play in. The current laws state kids are not allowed to play in temperatures over 32 degress Celsius. This is due to the increased risk of heat stroke and severe dehydration.

So, NBFC plans to suspend/freeze the payments due for the session that is ruled out as a result of inclement weather. This may not always be possible as sessions may be rained out on the actual day. If the situation arises that NBFC is unable to freeze the payments in time then the following weeks payment will be frozen.

Can’t Attend?

NBFC requires 24 HOURS NOTICE if someone cannot attend for whatever reason. Whether that is due to sickness, injury or just being away. NBFC backroom staff need time in order to adjust the sessions and the subscriptions.


Exactly the same as people who cannot attend. If you wish to cancel your weekly session NBFC requires 24 hours notice minimum.

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